A complete allergy
program for non-allergists

Good for your patients. Good for your practice.

There are over 50 million people with allergies in the US, and fewer than 5,000 allergists. Our comprehensive allergy program makes it easy for primary care doctors, pediatricians, ENTs, and other physicians to expand their medical practices and help allergy sufferers get, and stay, healthy.
Close-up photo of allergen vials in an MRS Allergy test kit

Point-of-Care Allergy Testing

  • Evaluate 80 cross-reactive allergens simultaneously on-site
  • 5-minute prep time, results in just 15 minutes
  • Needle-free, pain-free and CLIA-free
  • Covered by major insurance providers
  • Safe, easy, and profitable

Effective Allergy Treatment

  • Patient-specific treatment programs with no mixes
  • Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT) allergy drops
  • Subcutaneous Immunotherapy (SCIT) allergy shots
  • Lifelong benefits for nearly all patients who complete treatment
  • Easy online treatment ordering and tracking
Hand holding sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) allergy drops
Medical practice staff receiving online training for allergy testing and treatment

Customized Training

  • Learn to identify good candidates for allergy testing
  • Learn to administer allergy tests and interpret results
  • Learn how to offer immunotherapy treatment
  • Allergy and asthma certification classes available for staff
  • Webinars, online, and in-person training available

Ongoing Support

  • Consultations with Dr. Dean Mitchell, a Board-Certified Immunologist and allergy expert, included
  • Allergy program reviews to maximize patient care and revenues
  • Expert help for billing and insurance questions
  • QPP (Quality Payment Program) Goals assistance
  • We’re never more than a call or email away
Physician on the phone consulting with a board-certified immunologist and allergy expert

Want to Know More?

How to Get Started

Speak with one of our program experts.

Together, we will assess how our allergy program could support your practice, address your questions, and decide how to proceed.

We’ll send your first allergy testing kit.

You’ll receive an 80 antigen set, applicators for 25 patients, skin markers, rulers, patient marketing materials, and relevant medical forms and documentation.

We train you and your staff.

The curriculum covers how to identify testing patients, test administration, treatment prescriptions, program marketing, reimbursement, and more to
ensure your experience is successful, profitable, and effective.

Program Benefits

Meeting the Needs of the Modern Medical Practice
Our allergy testing is easy and quick, requiring no special equipment or facilities.
Testing results are fast and accurate. Our SLIT and SCIT treatments are proven to work.
We go beyond testing and treatment to offer customized training and ongoing support.
Our program supports your practice’s bottom line so you can focus on supporting patients.

Doctor Testimonials

I have been a general pediatrician for 43 years. My career has included both academic and private practice. One of the most common complaints my clients had were secondary to allergies. About 10 years ago I started doing allergy testing and offering immunotherapy to appropriate clients (SCIT and SLIT…subcutaneous and sublingual immunotherapy). My patients were very receptive to being tested and treated in my office rather than the allergist. The treatment dramatically improved my clients’ symptoms, and the reimbursements were very positive to the bottom line. I did not have to add additional staff to provide this new service line. I was impressed with the dramatic improvement in my patients’ complaints and the improvement in revenue.

docdug 😎
Douglas W. Beal, MD, MSHA
Douglas W. Beal, MD & Associates, PC
Medical Consultant, STAT
SAFE-CARE provider

I have been working with MRS for many years now and I am very impressed with their support services and responsiveness. I have an amazing Rep (Jo-Claire ) who is always ready to assist me in any way she can-even on weekends when she is off! There is also a Physician/ Allergist who is readily available to answer technical questions. My patients always have many positive things to say about their experience with managing their allergies. I highly recommend MRS Allergy Solutions with no reservations.

Dr. Delali Hevi
Zenith Health Institute

MRS is the best! Everyone on the team is extremely knowledgeable and highly responsive. They’ve made it very easy for us to implement allergy testing in a primary care setting, from helping with staff training to answering clinical questions that arise. Our patients love the convenience of getting the test done in office, instead of having to be referred out. For patients who want treatment, MRS’ partner pharmacy for immunotherapy drops is also very professional and easy to work with. Would highly recommend to other practices.

Dr. Jiangnan Wang MD
Totalcare Walk In Clinic